Patrick, with Dr. Karen Gearreald, Braille Music Adviser for the Library of Congress, at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Braille Music and More


"With a final score of 99.7% on our toughest exam, I believe Patrick has earned the distinction of the most outstanding student who has ever completed the Braille Music course."

Dr. Karen Gearreald

Braille Music Advisor

Library of Congress

"Patrick knows that the little things mean a lot in braille music transcription. He pays close attention to the details and the results reflect that focus. When we need to subcontract a transcription assignment, we know we can rely on him to get it right."

Bill McCann
Founder & President
Dancing Dots

"Patrick has not only the gift of exceptional talent, but a love of music, and a belief in its power to comfort, heal, and inspire. He inspires my confidence and enthusiasm that an old dog can actually learn both voice and piano. For some reason it has been a long inner wish of mine. I consider Patrick the best teacher, of any kind, I have ever had."
Jon Ferrell

Adult Voice and Piano Student


Patrick has a Bachelor of Music degree from Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio and has a 25+ year history as performer, writer, director and teacher.  He plays piano, saxophone and guitar, and has an extensive career as a professional singer in music theatre, jazz, opera, Classic Rock and Christian Contemporary music.  He has directed numerous stage productions and has led ensembles such as full orchestra, jazz ensemble, handbell choir, and all types of vocal groups.

In the Braille world, Patrick holds several leadership positions in the National Braille Association. He is on the Board of Directors, is the Chair of the Foreign Language Committee, and is Vice-Chair of the Music Committee. He gives a dozen presentations a year in Music and Foreign Language braille.