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In need of a Vocalist? Or do you wish to learn how to read music, perform a monologue, play an instrument, or improve the sound of your singing voice? Skype lessons may be available someday, but if you live in the Greater Cleveland Area, this is for you!

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Are you in need of an accurate braille transcription? We handle all genres: Literary, Music, Math Nemeth and UEB Technical, Foreign Language, and Tactiles. You can get it all done here at
Braille Music and More!
Patrick has a vast amount of experience in the music and theatre worlds, as a performer, director, creator and teacher. Now that he's added braille transcription to his skills, Braille Music and More can assist customers across the globe.
Braille Music and More
"With a final score of 99.7% on our toughest exam, I believe Patrick has earned the distinction of the most outstanding student who has ever completed the Braille Music course." 
     -- Karen Gearreald, Certifier for the Library of Congress